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Our sewer or drain camera system can quickly and easily find and identify blockages or damage to stormwater drains, plumbing pipes and sewer systems so we can fix your plumbing problem quickly.
Broken Cracked or Collapsed Pipes
Aging, poor maintenance, digging and moving of the earth and environmental factors can all cause breakage, cracking and collapsing of the pipes. Using the latest CCTV technology, Active Plumbing and Drainage can examine your waste pipes, drains, sewer and stormwater systems and pinpoint the damage.
Tree Root Blockages
Materials build up and get stuck in toilets, sink drains, showers, bath tubs and in your main sewer line because of tree roots that result in slow drains or overflows. Our Sewer Cameras/CCTV will determine the issue fast.

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Very friendly and honest plumbing service.


Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, they also had the best price offer.


They generated a quote promptly; and their availability was great.