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Sewer Blockages, Repairs and Renewals

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Sewer Blockages and Drain Cleaning
Blockages in pipes can be particularly nasty, stopping wastewater from leaving your home or business. Active plumbing and drainage will Fix your Blocked drains and Sewers Fast.
Sewer Jetting
Sewer jetting is vital to both residential and businesses to keep storm drains and sewer lines in peak condition, helping prevent damage and mitigate further deterioration of the sewers.
Tree Root Removal
Materials build up and get stuck in toilets, sink drains, showers, bath tubs and in your main sewer line because of tree roots that result in slow drains or overflows. Our Sewer Cameras/CCTV will determine the issue fast.
Septic to Sewer Network Connections
Sewer dig up and renewal. Active plumbing and drainage will connect you to the new system, and decommission your old system if required.
Sewer Cameras/CCTV
We offer real-time inspection of pipes with CCTV sewer inspection cameras.
Pipe Repair
Active plumbing and drainage offer sectional pipe repair or 'pipe patching' which is fast becoming a popular alternative to digging up tree root infested, damaged, misaligned or broken pipes.

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