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Leaking Taps and Toilets

Leaking taps and toilets is not only is annoying and wastes precious water but also costs your home and business money. Although you may be tempted to fix a leaky toilet or tap on your own this option could end up costing you even more money.
Got a tap problem that needs fixing? Active plumbing can fix, replace and install all types of kitchen and bathroom taps as well as any other taps inside, or outside, your property.
Replacement of a Burst Flexi Hose
Active plumbing and drainage will ensure correct installation as installed incorrectly flexible braided hoses can cause severe water damage to your home or business.
Inconsistent Water Pressure
Fluctuating water pressure should be investigated and corrected as soon as possible. Talk to Active plumbing and drainage for expert advice in addressing and correcting water pressure issues.
Cistern Replacement and Repairs
We repair toilet cisterns, unblock toilets and if necessary, install or replace complete toilet suites anywhere in the Wollongong region.

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Very friendly and honest plumbing service.


Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, they also had the best price offer.


They generated a quote promptly; and their availability was great.